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Designer Cor Steenstra has put together a couple of websites devoted to car design and AliasStudio users. The first, CarDesign.TV, covers developments in the car design world, while the second,, has been created specifically for users of AliasStudio. Cor has begun a car modeling tutorial on Alais3DTV and has provided additional tips and demos in past updates.


Arno Villard has a blog similar to mine in that he is posting learning resources for designers. He, however, is focusing exclusively on AliasStudio. His focus is paying off, as he has mentioned several resources and tutorials with which I was hitherto unfamiliar and is also documenting some of his own experiments with the software. Pay him a visit and look around!

Veteran Rhino users are likely already aware of the incredibly detailed learning material available from James Carruthers at Hydraulic Design. The site contains a free “splashing ball” tutorial and info on how to order more advanced training CDs in which he models an aircraft and an automobile.

Not really a tutorial, but certainly educational through the variety of techniques illustrated, this book showcases the sketching and illustration work of 24 design students from the Umea Institute of Design.

One more tutorial of note at is Hector Realubit’s hand sketching piece. Key points include his notes on shading and vignetting.

Another tutorial at focuses on traditional marker and pastel rendering.

image02.jpg has a lot of great info on car design techniques.  One demo, by Ford designer Michael Smith, covers digital sketching in Sketchbook Pro.

A ton of video tutorials on sketching, marker rendering, and a few 3d topics are available on this page from

Some interesting notes on observing and communicating form can be found at Saunders Creative.  Click “resources>tutorials/lectures.”

If you’ve never spent any time at, you should check it out. Some time ago, user ScottieB posted a tutorial for sketching in AliasStudio. When I was getting started with digital sketching, info like this was scarce. It was written for a past version of the software, but the general ideas should be enough to get someone started.