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Category Archives: surfacing

Arno Villard has a blog similar to mine in that he is posting learning resources for designers. He, however, is focusing exclusively on AliasStudio. His focus is paying off, as he has mentioned several resources and tutorials with which I was hitherto unfamiliar and is also documenting some of his own experiments with the software. Pay him a visit and look around!


Veteran Rhino users are likely already aware of the incredibly detailed learning material available from James Carruthers at Hydraulic Design. The site contains a free “splashing ball” tutorial and info on how to order more advanced training CDs in which he models an aircraft and an automobile.

Documentation for AliasStudio is sent with the software, but if you’re ever in need of it and find that it hasn’t been installed on your system, Autodesk makes it available on their site. In addition to the standard help info, some digging will produce additional goodies, such as pdfs that include a detailed introductory tutorial on technical surfacing, and information on data transfer between Alias and other packages.


I’m not a Solidworks user, but its user community impresses me a lot. Product Design Forums moderator “Ragde” posted a quick how-to a few months ago that explains how he modeled a Bluetooth Headset. Check out his process, even if you’re not a Solidworks user.


Product Design Forums Moderator Thomas Parel created a great tutorial a couple of years ago that still, I would imagine, be of great value to any new Solidworks users getting into surfacing. See it in totality here.  Now, someone do something similar for Pro/E!